2013, How did I do?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Those of you lovely lot who have read my blog since 2012 might remember my New Year's Resolutions post. I made rather a lot. Never one to do things by halves.

Seeing as we are now in the final month of the year and the next few weeks are going to be spent furiously last-minute packing and moving house, followed by embarking on a massive festive food/wine/joy binge, I thought it was probably best to do a little self-assessment now before it all goes down the pan and I turn into a nervous wreck, surrounded by cardboard boxes and stuffed to the brim with mince pies and pigs in blankets.

I have to say, I've done pretty well, so I think its important to hold on to that point over the next few weeks. Its been a really good year. In fact, the best year of my life. The year I got to spend almost wholly with my new baby. Gadding around parks and coffee shops and soft play centres. Making my new brilliant best friends. Learning a huge amount about myself and gaining a lot of confidence. I'm proud of myself. I'm a great mummy and I have made the most beautiful lovely little boy. The fact that I'm not quite the yoga-obsessed-size-8-goddess I secretly hoped I might be doesn't really matter too much.

Here's the low down...


Be the best mummy I can be and cherish every day with my little boy

Yes. Yes Yes yes. I am being. And every day is cherished.

Lose all my pregnancy weight by the time we go on holiday to Poland at Easter
I lost all the weight. But certainly did not lose it before Easter. But I got there. And then lost another stone on top of that!

Invest in some sensible waterproof footwear (read for sparkly wellies) and no longer squelch around local parks in my increasingly deteriorating ugg boots
I still don't have any wellies. Still. Just can't find any I like, apart from Hunters which are far too expensive.

Bake more cakes. This slightly contradicts weight loss goal so must also develop greater self control / keep cakes in locked cupboard and give husband the key
I baked two cakes this year. For Ollie's Christening and Birthday. Technically this is 'more' than the previous year but I'm hardly a baking goddess...yet!

Exercise as part of weight loss so as to improve general fitness. Almost passing out after 1.2mile run the other night is not acceptable.
I started running. Got to the point where I could run quite fast for about 15 minutes. Which is really good. Then I stopped. It got cold. Must work on this...

Put aside time to pamper myself every once in a while. I must remember how good it feels to sashay around with blow dried hair and painted nails
Ish. I like baths. Painted nails not always feasible. Blow dried hair a real rarity.

Keep going with expressing. Every day is an achievement. If I can get myself to six months I deserve a very strong pat on the back
I BREASTFED FOR A YEAR! The monkey latched. I did it. Biggest achievement ever.

Suppress addiction to searching for properties out of budget/area on rightmove just to perve on gorgeous houses and actually focus on finding us a new home
Well. We might just have found it. Move in this week. Wow.

Look for a new job. Gah.
Still looking :(

Make time for good friends and sod rubbish ones. Having a baby really shows who cares and who doesn't.
Yes yes. I don't speak to a lot of my old friends who just sodded off. And I treasure my real friends so much more.

Have those good friends over for dinner more and stop spending Saturday nights bumming around without anything to do before ordering a take away at 10pm and downloading a film on the Xbox which ill fall asleep during 5 minutes in
Totally failed on this one. Having dinner parties and sleeping babies doesn't mix. There will be more opportunity in new house with separate dining room which isn't directly under baby's bedroom though.

Explore new places and have fun days out rather than sticking to the usual tried and tested jaunts.
Sort of. Getting there. Have ventured further. Improvement required.

Write more To Do lists and attempt to actually complete them rather than sneakily scoring out objectives I just can't be bothered to do
Definitely have written more lists. Still sneakily scoring out objectives though.

Remember that cleaning the house from top to bottom actually only takes two hours if I am efficient and don't stop to make cups of tea every 10 minutes
Still rubbish. Hate cleaning. Bah.

Grab every chance for a babysitter so as to spend quality time with hubby
We've had about four date nights total which I think is good going. Thanks to my mum and two friends. 

Actually absorb where I am and how to get to places in the car rather than blindly relying on the Sat Nav to take me everywhere
Definitely better. AND I drove all the way to London by myself. 


Beat myself up if occasional days are spent in pajamas (complete with milk/sick stains) slobbing around the house. We can't always be a glamour-puss.
I haven't actually really done this. The new year brought new motivation and I've been out and about nearly every day. 

Regain all lost pregnancy weight during holiday to Poland.
No but I did put on about 7 pounds. Ooops. All gone now though.

Fret too much about returning to work and crumble when I come up against inevitable difficulties with childcare and work/family prioritising
There have been definite crumbling episodes but also I have developed a strength I never knew I had. Ollie comes first. Deal with it.

Allow laundry basket to overflow out of the bathroom and into the hall
This definitely still happens.

Nag my husband so much, and will come to accept that he will always leave the Ribena bottle on the side by the sink rather than in its allotted place on the window sill
Still nagging. Actually took photos of the mess he left in the kitchen and text them to him after he left for work.

Forget to fill in Oliver's 'My First Year' book and lose my sentimental tendencies amidst the hurly burly of everyday life
Totally aced this one. 'My First year book' is complete. Woop!

Continually crawl into bed with full day's makeup on and use motherhood as an excuse not to take it off. Must improve skin as stuck in vicious circle where skin looks shit, apply tons of makeup, sleep in it, skin gets spottier still etc etc.
Skin is much much much much better. All thanks to Effaclar Duo. Well done me. And La Roche-Posay

Swear and generally use inappropriate language when trying to collapse the buggy and get it into the car boot

I could win a competition for speed and competency at getting buggy collapsed and into car boot in record time.  Let this be a lesson. Sometimes you just need a little faith. And practice.

So there you go. A good year. Breastfeeding, weight-loss, general motherhood and friendship have come out on top. Domestic goddess/fitness goddess still needs working on.

Now I need to get started on some new resolutions for 2014. I wonder what that year will bring...

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  1. Ah lovely post. Really nice to re-visit it and see what you've achieved. I quite like this idea. :) x

  2. I think you did pretty well! I didn't do any resolutions this past year, but I want to try and set some for 2014. x


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