My New Years Resolutions

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I have always gone slightly overboard with New Years Resolutions. Take last years for example. There were dozens.

A never ending list of self improvement objectives. I am never and never have been satisfied with just being me. I always want to be slimmer, fitter, more confident, better in social situations, better groomed, better read, a better friend, a better wife. If truth be told sometimes I feel like I want to change everything about myself. To completely start again. A new me. But then there is one thing I am satisfied with. My role as Oliver's mum. I wouldn't change that. Or how I do it. Or him. In any way. So I suppose that's something to cling to! 

My family have always slightly ridiculed me for making a long list of resolutions each year. For taking it all so seriously. But I love the opportunity for a fresh start. Anyone who, like me, wants to change themselves, wants that opportunity. A perfect starting point for a perfect new beginning. Of course it normally doesn't last that long.

As I said in my resolutions roundup, I actually did pretty well last year. I lost a lot of weight, had a brilliant time being a mummy, went back to work, and developed the most fabulous friendships with my girlfriends. I stuck to a lot of what I set myself. And I can't tell you how satisfying it was to go through the list and see how much Id achieved.

So on that note, here goes again.

I resolve:

1. To lose all 'Christmas' and 'I've-just-moved-house-and-therefore-it's-acceptable-to-get-a-takeaway-AGAIN' weight. By the end of January.

2. To stop arguing so much with my husband. To take a deep breath and back down sometimes. To not whinge, or criticise. To embrace the good moments. It's been tough this year. It needs to be better.

3. To carry on making Oliver laugh. To play with him more. To get down on the carpet and roll around. To admire everything he does. To talk to him all the time. To sing and play and run around.

4. Further to point 3, to make a conscious effort to not be on my phone so much. New addiction to eBay will need to be seriously curbed in order to achieve this.

5. To try and suppress slightly crazy obsessive tendencies. Like repeatedly refreshing my inbox when waiting for an email. I really do need to chill out sometimes.

6. To maintain order around the house and develop cleaning/filing system/rota in order to do this. Maybe 2014 is the year I'll finally start ironing.

7. To have dinner parties. Lots.

8. To stop having the odd cheeky cigarette. I KNOW this is awful and I now have to admit that in the last month what with god-awful stressful move I have sneakily found myself having a cigarette in the garden on occasion once Ollie is asleep. This is really unacceptable. Just because I am no longer breastfeeding does not mean I have license to behave like an irresponsible moron. 

9. To watch more tv series boxsets. Series 5 of Breaking Bad as we speak- amazing!

10. To continue/improve current Skincare/beauty routine and avoid at all costs laziness with regards to removing makeup/shaving legs/painting toenails.

11. To continue mantra of not letting people bring me down, of rising above unpleasantness, of remembering what really matters.

12.  To make a baby. Again. Which isn't really a resolution. Just a very big wish.

How are you celebrating New Years? Will you be making any resolutions. Oliver's already started on the party food...

Thanks for reading! 



  1. I love your blog

  2. great resolutions dear !! beautiful picture :) Cute boy !! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx

  3. kinda appreciated what you published actually. it really is not that easy to find good text toactually read (you know READ and not simply browsing through it like a zombie before moving on), so cheers mate for really not wasting my time on the god forsaken internet.
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  4. I'm guilty of the inbox refreshing too. Must. Stop. That. I hope you get your wish xx

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