Oh Christmas Tree!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

One of my favourite things about Christmas, as silly as it sounds, is decorating the Christmas tree. I just love the twinkly lights and beautiful decorations. It was for this reason that moving so close to Christmas was a shame for me as I wasn't able to get a tree up until pretty late on, although it was worth it once we moved into the house to have the excitement of putting up a tree, for the first time, in our new home. 

Look how pretty it is! 

This year I was also thrilled to be sent some decorations from John Lewis to try. When I first opened the box they sent I was slightly surprised by the colour scheme- stunning soft pinks, minty greens and soft silver. They looked absolutely beautiful but aren't what I'd traditionally associate with Christmas. I'm totally a red white and green girl.

However once I had them on the tree I saw how stunning they look, with the mercurised finish really reflecting the twinkly lights.

The photos really don't do them justice- I can't find the camera cable to get photos on my laptop so have had to resort to iPhone snaps, but the quality of the baubles is stunning.

I decided to use the pink ones to decorate the house, as they clashed a bit with the red which is the color of most of my own decorations.

I normally do this anyway, I love hanging baubles on door knobs around the house and not just a tree. I do think it would have been lovely to just use all the soft palettes on the tree, the pink and mint green go so well together and are very on trend. The pink particularly seems to be really popular in the shops this year.  Maybe next Christmas I'll ditch the red!

I might keep these up all year round!

Are you a traditional decorator or would you consider a pink colour scheme? I would really recommend having a look at John Lewis's selection of decorations as they are so pretty! 

What does your tree look like?!

Thanks for reading! xxx


  1. Oh my gosh; your tree is stunning :) Hope you have a fantastic Christmas! xx

  2. Ohhhh I love the shape of your tree! It's so pleasantly fat!

  3. Lovely trweeee makes you feel very cosy & snug just admiring it, home sweet home!

    Enjoy Christmas, Joanna YOU really deserve ie earned it this year!



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