The Big Move...

Thursday, 12 December 2013

So, it's actually happening.

We are moving house.


I can't quite believe its actually worked out. The process has definitely been the most stressful of my entire life, and thats comparing to quite a few stressful encounters.

Our estate agent and the estate agent of our onward vendors both say they have never come across a more stressful sale either. With more picky clients (our buyers), who have literally made the most extreme demands on us, practically and financially. Both agents have expressed their utter disbelief at how many little things have gone wrong, how narrowly we have missed things running smoothly. Like exchange, which couldn't happen on the day we had all agreed after weeks of arguing, because in the three hour window our buyer needed to give consent over the phone, she chose to switch her sim card over on her mobile.  The chain was complicated and emotionally charged, with the couple we are buying from splitting up and going their separate ways. It turns out that the solicitor whom we are paying thousands of pounds, is actually a total utter wanker prat, a sexist idiot who is very incompetent, leaves the office early every day and fails to communicate with anyone what is actually going on.

Anyway, despite all this, we got there. I have spent pretty much every waking moment for three months sorting this out. Paperwork, emails, phone calls to make and return. The list of demand and queries from our buyers ran well into double figures and each was extremely complicated and time-consuming, not to mention expensive.  I have totally neglected my blog, and I apologise to all of you who have been in touch, both readers and companies. Sometimes you just have to prioritise, and I have given everything to making this move work.

Now, I can finally actually relax, and embrace the fact that we are moving into the home in which I want our little boy to grow up. The home to which I hope we will bring him a little brother or sister. The home where I want to make so many memories. The massive garden which will undoubtedly become a football pitch. The large second reception room which will be a playroom for him and his friends. The separate dining room where we can properly entertain friends rather than squeezing into our small kitchen.  I am so excited!

We haven't bought anything for the new house, save for one thing for Ollie's new room - a wall sticker from the company Mirrorin, which says "We Love You to the Moon and Back". This is my favourite quote from my favourite book and I can't wait to stick it up as the first new thing in our new home. A reminder of what this move is actually all about and who it is for, for our darling baby boy, for our family.

Picture source - we chose the smoky grey text colour
We were given the opportunity to choose the wall sticker from the fabulous site LoubiLou.  This really is an absolute must for parents as the range of children's clothing, toys, accessories and furniture is fantastic and the quality exceptionally high. The customer service we received and the speed of delivery was also excellent.  We can't wait to order more things from there for his Christmas presents, although to be honest I think we are delaying present buying this year as December is going to so busy and expensive! Do go and have a look at the beautiful high quality items, including their wall sticker collection here.

Once we are in an settled I will show you the sticker in its new room, and hopefully do some home decor/house related posts if you would be interested?!

Wish us luck and thanks for reading,


  1. Congrats Joanna(well-worth the effort on your part:-) & family!


  2. Good news Joanna! I like your outlook after all that hassle.


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