Pregnancy Diary: 26 weeks

Saturday, 5 July 2014

My pregnancy app tells me that this is the last week of the second trimester which is pretty exciting. I'm never sure whether it's week 27 or week 28 but nevertheless I'm definitely moving into a new phase.

I was actually too scared to weigh myself all week as I know I'm eating a bit too much and not as healthily as I could be. It's ridiculous because I'll spend 15 minutes preparing a really healthy platter for Ollies lunch with sliced ham, some cheese, toast, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi etc (the boy eats a lot) and then I'll literally have a slice of plain toast with a slice of ham and ignore all the fruit I've been cutting up for him. I'm plagued by a constant desire for sugar, which I am doing fairly well ignoring, but I do miss my pregnancy state with Ollie when all I fancied was fresh crunchy salad.

...The fact that I have no where to really prepare fresh crunchy salad is another issue which I will address in another post soon about the house progress...

I am starting to think a lot more about the  new baby and it's starting to get a bit real. We are decorating his room this week which will make a big difference and I've started looking at pram options.

Physically I feel ok-ish.... On days when I'm at home with Ollie I'm a lot more physical and spend a lot more time on the floor which means by about 5pm my pelvis has usually seized up and I'm in agony. This got to the point where I couldn't actually stand up straight and walk to answer the front door to our builder and had to crawl. I need to ring the physios but there is just so much going on. This doesn't happen on days when I've been at work, I just feel tired and achey.

I've noticed this week a few prickly pains in my boobs which takes me back to my breastfeeding days and milk let down sensation so I'm sure some milk productions going on. I'm really excited about breastfeeding another baby and hoping with all my might that I don't have a reluctant latcher like Ollie was. At least I'll have a years worth of nursing experience on my side, but the reality with Ollie at the start was that it didn't matter what I did, he just didn't want to cooperate. So we shall see. There'll definitely be another post about that coming.

Bump is enormous and baby is wriggling and kicking so strongly it surprises me all the time. I guess maybe it's having the placenta posterior this time round but I feel everything so much more. The odd Braxton Hick has appeared again but at 26 weeks this is far more normal so I'm embracing it. In a weird way I always have found them comforting as it's a reassurance that my body is practising and knows what to do. I also think (founded on no knowledge or evidence whatsoever) that it's a sign that my labour will progress well as it did with Ollie, as my uterus seems keen to contract even now!

I can't believe I just referred to my own uterus being keen on something.

I think that's about it, I've been a bit spotty again, my hands are looking a tiny bit fatter than usual, but I'm plodding along.

Mentally speaking, I've received a referral letter from a perinatal support service and I have to ring them to activate it. Then they contact me to arrange counselling. I've had a much better week this week and something has stopped me picking up the phone. I still have another week to call then I lose my referral, so maybe I will. There's just something holding me back. Maybe it's hope that I'm coming out the other side of a bad patch and it will all be okay...

How are you?

Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking up the referral. Worst (?) case scenario you'll sit in a counsellor's office grinning from ear to ear telling them that you're feeling so much better, and it will just have been a child-free half an hour in a comfy chair. So I say go for it! Pick up the phone! xxx


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